City of Wall

City of Wall imagines a bustling mile-wide, 70 story high, city stronghold built along two parallels walls at the mouth of a fjord, which protects the inner urban kingdom from hostile seafarers.

Concept Design



Environment Design

Tiltas per upę by Vytautas Laisonas

Tiltas per upę by Vytautas Laisonas

environment concept

City of Wall: 45 East Side

Design Notes



Street Furniture

Character Design

Design Notes

Lots of pockets to hold items

Armour for protection

Guild Badge

A registered courier in City of Wall and member if the Courier’s Guild John Merrils is adaptable, and charismatic but also impulsive which gets him into trouble.

character design

John Merrils Concept

Moss Lantern

A portable, flameless, reusable light source.

Prop Design